Whooooohoooo... Its about the end of this month..
And maybe this is my last post for november.
What am i about to share by the way.. ?

Just follow the line..

Here we go..

DIY project..

I've been spending my time to create crafty stuff.. But mostly , i make divider, bookmark and some mess.

I have a new cheap planner recently (it was the cheapest planner on the store) , and i want to fill it with my custome and more personal stuff.

So here we go...

My new planner.. I am gonna use it next year actually.. But i start filling it with some divider (custome made) from now on..
Yess.. That will help me to organize some notes.

And here they are some divider i made..

To make more personal, i added picture of me and also montly calendar. So it can be divider, an album, and calender as well..

Do you guys love scrapbooking ... ?
I think you can make divider based on your scrapbooking hobby just like i did on a pic.
Mine is not good , yours will be better..
Definately.. 😁 ..

I've tried to make a collage (mixmedia) using old paper and acrylic paint for coloring..

And i made it as divider as well..

Divider from watercolor ? Why not.. !!..

As i love scrapbooking , i made layout from watercolor paper to create both divider and bookmarker as well..


That's some crafty mess i made a couple days ago..

Go try it..

See ya...

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