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It starts with

"the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about - oscar wilde -

Charlotte was an unpopular girl. She crushed on a popular boy named demon. But unfortunately, he already had petula. A cheerleader and of course a popular girl.

Charlotte did anything to make demon giving attention to her, but like any others teen's story, she had totally failed. Before she could do another movement, a gummy bear made her life come to an end.
She died with unresolving problem.

What's going on after she died.. ? Did she keep chasing for demon.. ? Or accept her destiny.. ?

Well.. I think this enough, i won't give you another spoiler because, you know... It won't be interesting anymore.

So why don't you go and find the book.. ?

And happy reading..


It seemed like i had spare times so this is my second review on september.

This book called ME, EARL, AND THE DYING GIRL.

ME (name is greg) a jewish high school boy who has a bestfriend named earl. Both are filmaker, they have a rare friendship. And then, they meet up a girl named rachel who had been diagnosed a leukimia..

So how is their friendship going on.. ?

Reaaad... !!! 😁 ...


MISS PEREGRINE’S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN Well, i guess i’ve been really busy being in underworld so that i didn’t have time to update my blog, but.. here i am now.. in the middle of the night trying to type some words that have been crused my brain and demand to be brought to this world (wtf..?). I am not pretending to be a writer or something, trust me.. ! its just i am not able to close my eyes right now. Its around 00.03 am while i type this story on my screen and of course as coffeholic, i’ve been accompony by a cup of coffe. More than a cup, absolutely.