Catcher in the rye

by - December 06, 2014


Its december guys..

Can you believe it.. ?!?

Its a month of the joy..

And apparently its also the end of this year..

Have you made any resolution for next year.. ? Well.. I haven't..

Coz i am still thinking how can time be this fast.. ? Oh my God..

Well.. Anyway..

I just finished this book a couple days ago..

"catcher in the rye" by j.d sallinger

if a body meet a body in the rye 

This book remind me when i was young (i am not old enough, i am telling you. But I am not teenager neither, thats for sure) 😁 ..

I think most of teenagers have a similar problem like holden's , eventhough its not exactly the same.
Yeah.. Some of us really care about the future.. Some of us just enjoy living at the moment..

Till we'll find what we want to be , we keep searching for it..

And that what being a teenager..

And its fun..

Being stupid and all.. That will become "story of my life" in the future..

So.. How bout your teenage life.. ?

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