by - September 11, 2014

Well, i guess i’ve been really busy being in underworld so that i didn’t have time to update my blog, but.. here i am now.. in the middle of the night trying to type some words that have been crused my brain and demand to be brought to this world (wtf..?).
I am not pretending to be a writer or something, trust me.. ! its just i am not able to close my eyes right now. Its around 00.03 am while i type this story on my screen and of course as coffeholic, i’ve been accompony by a cup of coffe. More than a cup, absolutely.

God bless me.... !! hell yeah..
So... i am gonna give you a review (a real jackass review) i mean its not the book which is jackass but the way i make this review is totally suck.
Do you know what i mean ? i am a real suck. Sorry... !!
So a couple months ago i bought this book , paperback ones. Instead of just downloading epub version, i tried to grab the real ones. I mean you know, a paperback. Maybe i’ll reread oneday, maybe... i’ll never know. First time i saw it i was so interested with the cover. It looked so horror, spooky, creepy, full of mystery and kinda oldskool so that i do want to have it. Also, I was so curious about the story after reading review from the fault in our stars’s author , john green. that says :
“a tense, moving, and womdrously strange first novel. The photographs and text work together brilliantly to create an unforgettable story.”
Well that’s good reason to have something, right.. ? for me , that’s good enough..!! (okay, now i am the peculiar, aren’t i ? what is peculiar anyway..?) never mind.. !! i am just trying to be funny.. which is not funny at all.
Okay.. so this book is about a boy named jacob. Who has grandfather that have a big secret in his entire life. And the secret had only been told to jacob, because apparently jacob also has what his father has. He could see a monters (that’s creepy) while other couldn’t see it. He is a peculiar. But..
the story begin with a mysterious island. An abondaned orphanage. A strange photographs and it all wants to be discovered by a sixteen year-old jacob. He was journeying to a remote island off the coast of wales, where he discovers the crumbling ruins of miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children. He faound something unexpectable about those children and himself.
So how is it going then.. ? you should buy the book and read it.. of course.. (gotcha).
 If you want to read this book i suggest you not to read it at night. Its really creepy spooky.. trust me.. !! but if you want to test your bravery then go on.. read it in the midlle of the night.
Its around 00.42 am in the morning , i can’t believe it.. ! i spent 40 minutes to write this down. Maybe others will be able to finish it less then 15 minutes.  But yeah.. i am a crappy girl, what can i do.. ?
Trust me.. the story is not as crap as this review.. its just..  i am not good enough to be a trusted reviewer or something, coz i am just practising my ability to tell you in english.  What is that supposed to mean ? i have no idea.. !!.
Well everybody... enjoy your day..

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