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Hi... Happy monday... !!

Do you still have i-hate-monday sorta thing in your personal dictionary... ?

Well then.. Its fine.. I do have it sometimes.. 😁

Anyway...  I am up to share story about bookmarker..

Do you guys book lover ? If you do, i am sure you guys have such bookmarker than helped you to remind the last page you had read.

Have you ever made your own bookmarker.. ?

Its very simple to make it.. And it will be so special because you'll customize for your self.

All you have to do is preparing the material..

1. Picture / photograph , if you can draw by yourself, it will be awesome.

2. Scissor

3. Ribbon

4. Cardboard or a thick paper, this is as a base of your bookmarker.

5. Glue

6. Holer punch

7. Many accesories (if you wanna make it more fancy, its all up to you) .

How to make it ?

1. You can cut off the picture or just left it a rectanguler.

2. Using a glue or double tape or whatever, just stick your picture on the thick paper

3. Make a hole on them using a holer punch.

4. Add the ribbon and accesories, and you are free to design it.

5. Congratulation... !! Now you got a bookmarker.
here they are, some bookmarkers i've ever made :

mix with dress origami


twitter's girl


a little lady

a sporty

Its a piece of cake, isn't it.. ?

Well.. Good luck..

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