by - May 27, 2014

Hiiii... There...

Due to its holiday, i have so much time to spend without doing anything in advance.

So here we go..

Make a posting about a book that i've just read it, authored by  john green (again).

It was interesting story,
based on collegian's life, about bunch of collegians (whaaat.. ? A bunch...?)
how they chilled out their days, how they made plan of an exciting the prank,
How they screw up everything about their lives and how happy they were in troubles.
Its typically, a lite book to read and really entertaining, but also give me some point of views about a life.

"How will we get out of the labyrinth of suffering ?"

That was the most interesting question i found while reading looking for alaska.
Yess, sometime i have that question inside my brain.
Then, i was so curious how to answer that question.

I also found out about how some religions teach us about life, about death, about God, not in specific way, but still interesting.

When Buddha said "suffering was caused by desire" , i took in depth thinking that pharase.
The censsation of desire, the censsation of suffering.
Shall we die in order not being suffered.. ?
No.. Of course not.. !!
Or may be, yes.. It is.
I don't know..

All i know that a suicide is absolutely NO.
I never think that sacrifice my life to the death will end up my suffering.
No.. Its not the way how we face the world.
It may cause someone else's suffering.
Your family, your close friends, people around you.
We're all gonna die anyway, so don't fool yourself with being in action of suicide.

Buddha also says,

"everything that comes together will fall apart"

That might be the reason why everytime i saw bikku or bikkuni, i always see a peace through their eyes, maybe they can control their desire, maybe they can control their suffering, maybe they really understand about the zen (fall apart things).
I don't know..

Looking for Alaska absolutely feed my brain with something really matter.

This is what i love as a reader.
I always find a brand new things or i may upgrade my brain with something else.
Or i just installed a new thing, and uninstalled the old ones.
Yess.. If i were smartphone. (of course)

I appreciate that someone else may have a different opinion about this book.
Its oke..
I just share my opinions and what i am (over) thinking about this book.
If you're not satisfied, do not blame me.. !
I am here not to make you pleased.

Thank you for blogwalking everyone..

Have a great day..

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