Thursday, February 12, 2015


Bright Color For My Bright Day .

Judul itu nampaknya cocok untukku saat ini.. Hehehe..
Today is my bright day.
Do you know why.. ?
Today is the day i was born a couple years ago..
Well a couple decades for the truth.

Nothing really special for today, i mean i appreciate and love when people i love and admire congratulated me with prayer. That's more than great.

Ehm.. I was thinking what i have done living that several decades.. ? And i realize i done nothing superb. But i am happy being who i am.
And that the most important thing.

What am i gonna do for next life.. ?

I am about to learn and learn. I won't stop learning from everything. About science, life, love, tolerate, knowledge and every others thing in life.

For bad and good.

I think thats the reason i was born. Never stop learning. So that i can be a better person.

Well.. And THANKS GOD for blessing me over and over. For everthing i had and will have..

And thanks to the people around me..

You guys are one of my reason to love this world..

Have a nice day everyone...

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