Friday, July 25, 2014


July, 22nd.

I have no idea whether i should be happy or not. All i know that i made a decision to involve and participate in the election on july , 9th.

It was my first time joining in the party (this is what they called) democracy. I was so excited to give my first vote ever for President and his running mate. I had some reasons why (in the end) i made this decision. This is not about a sinner (for whoever they are who admit them self "golput") , according to MUI. Hell No... !!

This is about "the time" , yess.. !!
The time when i ought to give my vote and got a blue finger (which is a bit violet actually) and contribute to make a better future of this country. A random country. (according to jb)

It was a hillarius election, a lots of presure, insults, intrique, lies, hatred had been collide. But then.. Who become himselves is the winner. I mean, maybe it could be his acting, but he seemed never tried to camouflage become someone else.

the term of "be yourself" , kinda succeed in every situation.

Well then.. Congratulation Mr. President.

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