Thursday, June 12, 2014



I wish you were rains in the summer..

I wish you were a thunder in my silent..

I wish you were stars in my ceiling..

I wish you were everything in my eyes..

So i can see you all the time..

Nights and days..

So i can breathe you from the air..

Filling my lung everyday.

So i can hold you in my hands,

So i can taste you in my tongue, as sweet as sugar.

So i can tranfer you in my brain, become one of its

So i can draw you in my heart as an awesome potrait.

But i don't know who you were,

I don't know who you are,

I don't know who you'll be..

"you" is only "you" beyond my reality,

"You" is only "you" in my untold story.

Shall i find you.. ?

Shall i just sit and wait... ?

Shall i just see from no where..?

And keep wondering who you are..

Coz You is only "YOU" for me..

(ewafebri , june 2014)

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