Tuesday, June 03, 2014


Well.. I know its very annoying, and i can't keep this feeling any longer,
Is there a better way to make your overthinking coming out except posting it into your own blog ?
I don't think so.. 
(anyway this is my own blog, isn't it.. ? I can put on whatever i want)
I bet you won't call someone in the middle of the night , only to hear your voice in a nut. It must be annoying.


Have you heard people say "why is she/he still single ?" or
Have you been questioned "why do you keep a single ?"

Well, i have and a lots..

Even, some of them asked me whether i need a help to find a boyfriend.

Dude, please.. !!!
 Recently, i wonder why people (who is really bitchy) think that having a relationship with someone is sort of a great achivement..

Like they won a billion bucks for a door prize. Or they just won a million cash from    nowhere.
They seem like insulting someone else with that issue kinda a matter.


Have you ever thought that the ones who do not want to involve in relationship yet, just because they don't really want to.. ? Or their hearts are torn so badly ?
Or they might be affraid of commitment ?
Or may be they are not ready yet.. ?
Not because they aren't attractive, they aren't so pretty,
Or not because there's no one want to ask them for it..
Just because they never show off their relationship, so you called them "unvalueable" ?

No, that's not a brilliant conclusion.
And.. BIG NO.. !!


So.. if you think being involved in relationship is a matter to you (so that you feel you are the winner in a life - i mean your damn life, and others are loser (on your own mind)), than someone else will think the same like you do.. ?!?
Is that on your mind.. ?

Wait... !!

Dude, you are over confident.. !!

I bet you assumed your self like a princess in your goddamn random world.
Owh.. Sorry to say, you aren't as smart as i assumed.

End if it is that the only reason that able to pop up on your brain,
Well then, i am really sorry for you.. !!
You should take more time to read, analyze, or whatever , just feed up your brain for good.
Than you (perhaps) can be seen more cleverer than you used to be.

May be you are the one who is able to move on quickly, and that's ok..
I understand..
And that's good for you (perhaps),
But if you insulted someone else by calling them "ugly" , just because they choose to be a single,

Dude... ! You are uglier now..

Have you heard about "beautifull people, they are who able to find a beauty in others" ?

I bet you haven't..
So i just told you that.. !!
Now you can act more beautifull , as beautifull as you assume for your self.
Get it.. ?
I just wanna remind you that

"a  beauty on your face will not stay longer, it will fade away..

But i am not surprised, when you can't bite someone with your genious acts, and brilliant ideas, then attack them with some silly conclusions, some silly judgements are the brilliant things that you only ever thought.
That must be the best things that you can find easily, and pop up on your brain immediately.
I can understand that.

Well i may be not the one of the beautifull people that i am talking about..
But i definately won't call a single lady or man as an ugly person,
I know they have a good reason to do it,
I feel so stupid, when i judge someone due to their bodies, their physically appeareance, and their faith,
I prefer to conclude who they are by their behaviour, their minds, or their attitudes.
Well, whatever the judgements are, i know i don't have right to do it.
Sometime i am confused, whether i shot an opinion or giving a judgement.

Being single or not , both are choice.
But being a fake person is absolutely pretty lame. ⏪ (guess what.. ? Is it an opinion or judgement ?)
Yeah , i know that it is a choice either.
And i know you got a reason to be a fake ones.
Everything is a choice, right.. !

So.. From now on, i don't even really care what you wanna be, what you're trying to be, what you expect to be..
If you can live with so much lies, then go on.. Move like a bragger..
Just don't drag me in..
And don't brag in front of me..
If only you wanna live in a peace, of course..

Let me tell you something.. !!
I don't want to be like you, or live like you do.. !
Coz i have my own life, beautifull life for me..
I don't wanna pretend to be someone else, especially someone who i don't like it.
I wanna be the way i am today, for better and worst.
So you don't need to waste your time to spy on me, coz i am not a mafia tough.

Or if you do like me..,  if  you wanna be like me.., i am only telling you this ⏩

"Seriously.. ? Dude, you must have been in a critically disorder.. !!"

I am really sorry for you.. !!

You should look inside your self..
Who are you exactly ?
You should appreciate for your self ..
You should seek what make you proud of yourself..

Can't you find any.. ? 

Then one more time, i am really sorry for you.

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