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I am back..

Hari ini ga pingin posting menye-menye sih, hari ini saya pingin ngeshare moleskine buatan sendiri.. Hehehhe..

I went to book store yesterday, and i was interested with moleskine in variant covers.
I was eager to have a handy sketchbook, but when i checked the price, i was shocked.

That a little moleskine (A5) costs around IDR 218.000 , that was the cheapest ones on the store, and i feel like "uuumm, better not to grab it" , yes.. My wallet alarmed me not to buy it.
It was too expensive for me, i can use the money to buy my lunch, over 2 weeks.
So.. I just left them.

But then.. I got an idea..
How if i make my custome moleskine,
Is it difficult ? Or is it impossible.. ?

Here step by step how to make your own moleskine.  You can decide for your self, is it easy.. ? Or not.. ??

the materials

1. All you need to do is preparing the materials.
~ cardboard (to make the covers)
~ origami papers ( or any craft papers, as you like)
~ glue , scissor,
~ ribbon
~ ring
~ pencil
~ ruler
~ cutter (blades)
~ hole puncher
~ plain paper/stripe paper (if you want to create such as journal, i think a stripe paper is good, in this case , i want to make a sketchbook, so i used plain paper)

2. Cut the card board as you like..
I measured around 11.5 cm x 15 cm.
Make 2 of them, i used if for both front and back side.

3. Wrapped the card board using origami paper or craft paper, or any unique printed paper that you've prepared.

4. Make holes on the card board (after you finished the wrapping thing) using hole puncher (this is made to put the ring later on)

5. Measure the plain papers/stripe paper arround 11.5 cm x 15 cm (the same size with the covers) and also make holes using hole puncher , just like you made the covers.
How many sheets do you need.. ? Its absolutely up to you.. 😊

6. After the whole things are done (cutting, wrapping, making hole) , arrange the cardboards and the paper and put inside the rings.
I only used 2 rings, you can use whatever you want..

step by step
7. I put the ribbon on both cover, to make it more chicks..

8. And now.... You have your own (customized) moleskine..



Happy doodling...


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