Saturday, December 31, 2011

Selamat Tahun baru 2012

Goodbye 2011.. Welcome 2012..

Ga nyangka 1 tahun itu cepat berlalu.. Secepat nafas2 yang terbuang diudara.. ≈apeu

Dan... It will become a history in yourlife.. Best or worst your story is, it always helps you to grab your future.. Do not regret it but let it be your best teacher...

The joy and the crowdth will spread up around the world.. Like it or not just don't get to much of it.. Every single man has their own way to celebrate.. Let it go.. Don't take it seriously..

Then.. What about me ?? Uh..uh.. Just like its used to be, i have no plan to go tonite.. Waste the time with fams.. And stay at home always my favorite ones..

To all of you who want to fill it in a crowdht.. Take good care and have some fun..

Happy new year everyone.. :*

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