Thursday, April 14, 2011


Yes.... !!!
What are you gonna say eva ??? << this question has been spinning around over my head !!
Over two months i've been waiting for an answer bout a matter which is bothering my mind..
I got the tears running away if i remember those feeling...
But Yes !!! You've gotta stop it lady !!!
You have your own way that hasn't been through yet..
But God will always guide and lead you where you have to belong to..
You do have to believe it...
No matter what happen there'll be an end... Whether a best or worst..
You have to face it, lady !!! You gotta be strong !!! You must make all your sorrows down...
So many dreams will always be waiting to be reached out...
Fullfilled your power..
Build your bravery...
Prove to the world which made you down that you're not easily getting down..
Stand to your pride that you've left the bad things behind.. Grab the bliss that make you always smile all the time..
That the reasons you were born, lady... !!!
To be a genious and elegant.. :')

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