Friday, January 08, 2010

My imagination

Ini dunia khayalku...
The skies are blue..
Flower of love is blooming between me n you...
The earth is fullfilled with the green colour..
The sun has shone with a beautifull blame..
The rain brings an awesome rainbow..
People give their gorgeous smile..
The mountain points into a bright sky..
The people dance like no one starring at them..
Move so free.. So pretty..
Fly like butterfly..
Sing a loud song like a bird..
Everything is awesome.. Everything is gratefull..
Everything is so wondefull..
And everything is unforgetable..
In the world called love...
No tears.. No hate... No crimes... No more sadness..
Only smile.. Love.. Affection and happiness fullfill the whole air...
Senangnya brada di dunia khayalku..
Tak perlu me-refill air mata lagi...
Smua serba bahagia..
Smua serba gembira..
Smua serba ceria..
Smua bisa tertawa..
Dan semua hanya di dunia khayal... Xexexe...

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